Fiji Honour System

The Fiji Honours System recognises and award citizens/non-citizens for outstanding achievements whilst serving Fiji or humanity at large or for the provision of outstanding service in a particular locality or group.

The President of Fiji is the "Fount of all Honour" and all appointments to the Order of Fiji and the awards of all decorations and medals are personally approved by His Excellency the President.

In keeping with the "culture of appreciation and inclusivity" philosophy the Fiji Honours System deems it only fitting to encourage the recognition and honouring of citizens who have contributed profoundly to the country’s growth and development in different industries, organisations, Non- Profit and Government Sector, agencies and Humanitarian causes worthy of national recognition.

Note: Nominations are confidential. It is preferable that the nominee is not made aware of this nomination.

Who can be nominated?

Any living Fijian citizen or permanent resident can be nominated for recognition for the Fiji Honours System. Any individual or a community organization, business, professional body or similar group can nominate someone for an award.

Appointments to the Order of Fiji are not made posthumously. The nomination shall be considered should the nominee be alive when the nomination form is received by the College of Honour.

How to prepare a nomination?

When filling out the nomination form, it is important to provide specific examples of the nominee’s contribution(s)/service have been outstanding.

Additionally, to provide a list of appointments or positions held by the nominee, it is helpful to include examples that best show how the nominee has gone above and beyond what could be reasonably expected of anyone in a similar position. In preparing the nomination, time should be devoted to considering why the nominee’s service and achievement(s) were/are outstanding and worth recognizing.

Are referees necessary?

Absolutely! The names with the latest contact details of individuals who would be in a position to comment directly on the nominee’s service(s)/ achievements should be provided. As a general guide, up to four referees are required for each nomination.

Are nominations confidential?

All nominations are strictly confidential and the information provided will be used only to assist the College of Honour in considering the merits of each nomination.

The nominee should NOT be approached for information nor be advised of his/her nomination at any stage.

How are the nominations assessed?

The College of Honour as stipulated in the Honours and Awards Act, 1995

(Part II, Section 9)
9.-(1) “the College of Honour consisting of a Chairperson and 4 other members to be appointed by the President”

(Part II, Section 10)
10.-(1) “The functions of and duties of the College shall be to-

  1. consider nominations for the appointment to the Order or the grant of the Medal of the Order in the General Division:
  2. recommend to the President-
    • the appointment of a member of the Order in the General Division; or
    • an award of the Medal of the Order in the General Division; or
    • an award for civilian bravery; or
    • any other award that may be established under the Act;

How long does it take for nominations to be considered?

Nominations are received and processed at the State House by the College of Honour – Secretariat. Normal nominations undergo a processing time of between 12 months to 18 months or more.

How are recipients informed of their award?

Recipients advised in writing (“Conferment Letter”) that they are to be awarded with the details of the ceremony. Normally, the recipients are not informed of the specific award they shall receive; however, this being the 50th Anniversary of Independence award, the recipient shall be informed accordingly.


Tell us about yourself

Note: The nominator shall not be a blood relative of the nominee.

e.g. Mr,Mrs,Ms,Dr,Prof etc

Nominee Details

Details of person recommended for an award

Please provide a biographic profile of the person you are nominating by completing the section below and by providing the details requested on the next page.

Please do not include the area code.
Please do not include the area code.


Why should they be recognised?

In this section please set out what the nominee has contributed and why should they be recognised. The responses boxes should assist you in doing this, but each nomination is different so there is no single way to approach this. The nomination must include what is fact and what the Chief Nominator thinks is particularly noteworthy about the nominee’s service and achievements.

  • Examples of how outstanding qualities were demonstrated;
  • What has the nominee done to make things better for others;
  • The role(s) and/or area(s) in which the nominee excelled;
  • The period of time, dates of service (if known);


Details of four people/organizations who support this recommendation
  • Please provide details of four referees
  • The referees will be contacted for verification and to obtain additional comments (should any there be any);
  • To support the processing of the nomination, please complete all fields;

Please note: the ideal referee shall be an individual that has had close involvement with the nominee throughout the course of the nominee’s service/ is able to comment particularly on the nature/ impacts of the nominee’s achievements.

The referees shall not be a blood relative of the nominee.

Referee One

e.g. Mr,Mrs,Ms,Dr,Prof etc

Referee Two

e.g. Mr,Mrs,Ms,Dr,Prof etc

Referee Three

e.g. Mr,Mrs,Ms,Dr,Prof etc

Referee Four

e.g. Mr,Mrs,Ms,Dr,Prof etc

Additional Documents

Additional Documents

Drop the necessary files below to support your nomination form

Please follow the criteria's mentioned below to successfully submit your application

  1. Please compress the necessary files into a zip folder before uploading them
  2. Only files of (.zip, .tar) extensions will be accepted.
  3. Maximum upload size is 15 MB